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Terms and Conditions

  1. Introductory provisions

    These terms and conditions apply to accommodation in Norway, Aukan, Grisvågvegen 119, 6698 Lesund. The parties to the contractual relationship are the landlord Aukan Fiskeferie AS, and the customer who is booking the stay. The customer, who is listed on the advance invoice, represents all participants in the stay, is entitled to act on their behalf and is the only responsible person in relation to the landlord. By confirming the reservation in the accommodation facility, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions.

  2. Establishment of a contractual relationship

    The contractual relationship between the customer and the landlord is established by confirming the reservation by the customer in the online booking system and paying a deposit for accommodation. The customer pays a deposit for accommodation in favor of Aukan Fiskeferie AS’ account.

    The customer and Aukan Fiskeferie AS agree to the use electronical communication via e-mail. Notices made via e-mail shall be recognized by both parties as a valid written notice

  3. Price of stay and payment conditions

    The price of the stay means the price stated in the booking system as well as the information email about the accommodation, which will be sent to the customer after confirming the reservation in the online booking system at

    Price includes:

    • Accommodation
    • Electrisity
    • Boat rental

All invoices are issued in NOK – Norwegian kroner

Other services that may or may not be listed are not included in the price. They must be paid separately to Aukan Fiskeferie AS upon usage.

Aukan Fiskeferie AS has the right to be paid for the stay before it is completed. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer is obliged to pay a deposit of 50% of the price of the stay within 7 days after confirming the booking in the booking system The customer is obliged to pay the remaining 50% at least 30 calendar days before the start of the stay.

If the customer does not comply with the payment terms for payment of the stay, the contractual relationship will not enter into force and the accommodation capacity will be offered to other interested parties.

  1. Obligations of the customer

    The customer has following obligations:

    • The cooperation that is needed with Aukan Fiskeferie AS to secure and provide accommodation in a proper and correct manner.
    • Read and accept all documents sent for your stay.
    • Arrive at the place of departure within the set deadline with all required documents.
    • Follow the instructions and operating rules of Aukan Fiskeferie AS and the authorized staff at all times.
    • It is the responsibility of the customer and all the participants to act in such a way that there is no danger to the life and health of the individual, and that the property and equipment that is rented is not damaged.

      It is also the responsibility of the customer to supervise the children or provide them with adequate supervision to prevent potential harm to children of any form and to prevent damage to property and equipment that is rented out

    • Use the apartments properly, maintain calm, order and cleanliness, especially if there are children with who are not yet able to maintain personal hygiene.
    • Close windows and doors when leaving the accommodation.
    • Immediately report the need for repair of the apartments without delay.
    • Immediately report any injury or personal injury caused by the customer or person accommodated in the apartment.
    • Immediately report any damage or personal injury caused to the leased motor boat by the customer or the person accommodated with the customer.

The customer may not, without the consent of Aukan Fiskeferie AS:

  • Make significant changes to the apartment (move furniture, electrical appliance such as refrigerator, stove, etc.) Make changes to the electrical system, switches, lights and other installations.
  • Transfer the apartment reserved for accommodation to another person

The following is prohibited:

  • Smoking in the apartments
  • To hold, manufacture or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, other than medicines the use of which has been prescribed to the customer by a doctor.
  • Carry a weapon and ammunition or otherwise store them in a condition that allows them to be used immediately.
  1. Duties, rights and responsibilities of Aukan Fiskeferie AS
    • Aukan Fiskeferie AS is obliged to leave the apartments to the customer in a condition suitable for proper use and to ensure undisturbed exercise of the customer’s rights related to the apartment. Aukan Fiskeferie AS takes care to eliminate the reported deficiencies without delay and is obliged to maintain the property in a proper technical and hygienic condition.
    • Aukan Fiskeferie AS has the right to carry out an inspection of the apartments together with the customer after the stay has ended. We ask the customer not to look at this activity as a sign of distrust. Thank you very much for your understanding.
    • Aukan Fiskeferie AS is not responsible for any damage to personal and / or personal property) to customers, which may arise as a result of their carelessness, inattention, negligence, abuse or poor supervision.
    • Each customer assumes all risks that may arise from the use of motor boats or inappropriate behavior in the area of accommodation and surroundings. Any customer who causes damage to the above goods is required to pay for the damage.
  2. The Stay

    The customer has the right to use the areas reserved for accommodation, as well as common areas. The customer will receive the key to the apartment at the start of their stay. This key must be returned to Aukan Fiskeferie AS at the latest at check-out. The customer is obliged to prevent the loss or theft of this key and not to lend it to people who do not live in the same apartment. In the event of loss, theft or misuse of the key, the customer is obliged to pay Aukan Fiskeferie AS a contract penalty of CZK 2,000; this does not affect Aukan Fiskeferie AS‘s right to claim compensation for damage caused.

    Aukan Fiskeferie AS has the right to request a financial guarantee (deposit) of CZK 1000 / person. This deposit is refundable upon proper delivery of the apartment and boat if they are not damaged.

    In the event of damage to boats, this is covered by our insurance company, a deductible of NOK 10,000 will be charged to the customer before departure. It is therefore advisable to have insurance at home that covers this deductible.

    Aukan Fiskeferie AS has room for the customer from 14:00 on the relevant day, and the customer is obliged to leave the apartment the day after the end of the stay no later than 08:00. The exact hour of accommodation on that day can be arranged by telephone with Aukan Fiskeferie AS. If the customer does not comply with this period, he will be charged the price for the next day of stay, according to the valid price list.

    Transportation to the place of residence is individual, and all costs of transport to the place of residence are paid by the customer.

    The stay is complied with by the number of people specified in the advance invoice. This means that if there are more people who will be in addition to what is booked and agreed, it must be clarified with Aukan Fiskeferie AS in advance of the stay.

    If more than one customer is accommodated in the accommodation, the night-time regime applies from 22:00 to 06:00, as the customer is obliged to behave in such a way that he does not disturb others with excessive noise.

    Cleaning is done by the customer during the stay.

    The customer is not allowed to bring sports equipment and items to the apartments, for storing such items, contact Aukan Fiskeferie AS for storage space.

    Aukan Fiskeferie AS advises customers not to leave jewelry, money and other valuables in the rooms. Aukan Fiskeferie AS is not responsible for any loss or damage to the objects.

    Parking of customers’ vehicles is possible on site in front of the property. These areas are freely accessible and therefore Aukan Fiskeferie AS is not responsible for the theft of the vehicle or the things in it.

  3. Changes in the contract and withdrawal from the contract
    • If, for objective reasons, Aukan Fiskeferie AS is forced to change the essential conditions before the stay starts, he may propose a change to the customer. In such a case, the customer has the right to either accept the change or withdraw from the apartment. If the customer does not withdraw with written notice within 10 days from the date of delivery of the change, the customer is deemed to agree to the change. A room change is not considered a qualitatively identical change in conditions.
    • Aukan Fiskeferie AS has the right to withdraw from this contract if the customer breaches the obligations stated in this contract, the accommodation regulations, or grossly violates good behavior in the accommodation.
    • Withdrawal from this contract must be in writing and delivered to the other party. Withdrawal from this contract does not affect the obligation to pay receivables from this contract incurred before the withdrawal or cancellation fees.
    • The date of cancellation of the contract is considered to be the date of demonstrable delivery to the address of Aukan Fiskeferie AS.
    • Withdrawals from this contract are governed by the following cancellation terms, which determine the amount of cancellation fee:

      – 25% of the total price in case of cancellation of the contract for a period longer than 40 days before the start of the stay
      – 50% of the total price in case of cancellation of the contract in the period 40-15 days before the start of the stay.
      – 100% of the total price in case of cancellation of the contract less than 15 days before the start of the stay.

      Upon cancellation of the housing contract, Aukan Fiskeferie AS reserves the right to invite the customer to immediately leave and leave the home.

  4. Complaints
    • The customer is obliged to make a complaint immediately after finding out any problems of apartment, stay, contract etc. to Aukan Fiskeferie AS or the responsible person of Aukan Fiskeferie AS, so that an agreement or compentsation can be made. The right to file a complaint expires 10 days after the end of the stay.
  5. Final provisions
    • The customer declares with this consent that the customer’s personal information stated in the advance invoice will be processed by the server operator and the accommodation supplier whom the customer has booked a stay in accordance with Act 101/2000 Coll. (Privacy Act). The server operator and Aukan Fiskeferie AS declare that the data provided will not be made available to third parties. The customer also declares that he is authorized and consents on behalf of all persons participating in the stay. Customer further agrees to use its electronic contact (e-mail address) to send business messages from the server operator and Aukan Fiskeferie AS. This consent may be revoked by the customer at any time in the future.
    • The general terms and conditions apply to all stays at the property and enter into force on January 1st 2020.

      The customer confirms that he understands the above terms and conditions and fully respects them on his own behalf and on behalf of the other participants in the stay.

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